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Dolls, nature, housepets, digital lomo, actual film photography and whatever else I can get my lens on. A fair bit of writing and lots of schmoopy romance between all genders because hey, it's my thing. It's all here, cleverly tucked away into little folders for (hopefully) easy viewing.



Now I just point my camera at things, load the pictures onto my laptop and ignore them for months on end.  And take phone pictures.  I do a lot of that.  I take a crap ton of pictures of birds.

:bulletpink:  Regarding the art thing, I've kind of accepted the fact that I pretty much fail.  I still get pangs of inadequacy when I see some really gorgeous pictures but for the most part I've come to terms with the fact that my photography is very basic.  I don't really try to create art, I just try to document life.  And that's fine.  If you're still watching me and aren't an abandoned account (which I'm pretty sure make up at least half my watchers since I've been here ten years) I :heart: you for sticking with me even though my quality has declined.  In a way I'm kind of happier?  It's hard to explain, but anyway, I heart you.

:bulletpink:  I was hanging pictures up in my new room and realized I really need to go back to commissioning art. I don't have nearly enough to put on my walls, and I don't have any of Ko and Trace yet.  I was actually going to order Trace's doll form but Fairyland put the breaks on their Feeple 60s so that's kind of an issue.

:bulletpink:  Spring in the South.  It's very yellow.  You can't really appreciate the magnitude of the spring pollenating unless you've experienced it.  I like to keep my windows open and everything in my room is covered in a fine yellow dust.

:bulletpink:  I was pretty crushed by Harold Ramis's death.  He's only the second celebrity I've ever cried over, and when I say cried I *bawled*.  And I've cried several times since then.  On one hand it feels a little weird to be crying so much over someone I'd never met, but on the other hand I've "known" him since I was five or six.  Egon was always my favorite Ghostbuster, even back then.  Looking back I'm not really sure what drew my five (or six) year old little brain to the geeky one but I also liked Simon best out of the Chipmunks so I sort of had a type I guess. (It's a little surprising that Donnie didn't end up my favorite Ninja Turtle.)  Anyway, that's been a pretty major influence on my goings on lately.  *points to icon*  Anybody remember when that was my journal theme?  Good times. ~

:bulletpink: My hair is purple.
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  • Reading: Dead Mountain
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  • Eating: pasta stuff Ryan made me
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Sara Smail
United States
I'm a 32 year old geek who adores her husband, her friends, her cats, her lizards and her dolls. I love taking pictures with digital cameras, analog cameras, and various cell phones. I love Disney, particularly Walt Disney World. My tastes are questionable.

And I'm a big dork. Who likes bees.

My icon is by TheCameraGirl.

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félicitation pour le mariage !  tous mes voeux de bonheur !
Hi onna!
It's been years since I went on Deviantart. But I found myself looking back for dolls and I remember Toki and Edsel. I absolutely loved those 2 and their story. I was wondering where they are now and if you still write about them?

Still I remember quite a few of your characters even after all this time and I love your writing :)
quirkyresin Oct 14, 2013  Hobbyist
Sorry to fav bomb, but you know I love this bee! xD <3
Happy Birthday :cake: :party:
Astral-Muffin Jun 5, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Happy birthday!!!! :party:
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