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Dolls, nature, housepets, digital lomo, actual film photography and whatever else I can get my lens on. A fair bit of writing and lots of schmoopy romance between all genders because hey, it's my thing. It's all here, cleverly tucked away into little folders for (hopefully) easy viewing.


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New Ninja Turtles and Ghostbusters 3

Fri Jul 11, 2014, 6:11 PM

God, the new turtles are horrifying.  Like, I think we may have finally stumbled upon something worse than their live action series.  Probably not worse than their live action musical Christmas special though because that... yeah... 

I know this is going to make me sound like a little old lady (though by internet standards I probably am one) but I'm going to have a "kids these days" moment.  It really bothers me that kids these days are going to be associating things like Transformers and Ninja Turtles with these gritty live action movies that are either horrifying or just downright awful.  At least there's the Nick TMNT series to show they're not nightmare fuel with what I'm sure will be a really stupid origin story (that somehow has to do with the WHITE GUY Shredder) but is there currently a Transformers series?  I fear for things like He-Man and Thundercats.  We don't need gritty reboots, seriously. 

And on a not really related note, can they just stop with the Ghostbusters 3 crap?  Did the last Indiana Jones and the Awful Plotline movie teach them nothing?  Mr. Akroyd you are awesome but you need to give up.  We don't need the torch to be passed.  How well did that work with Extreme Ghostbusters?  And how are you going to explain why two of the Ghostbusters aren't there anymore given that Harold Ramis is dead and Bill Murray has said he wants nothing to do with it.  You can't kill them off, that would be too morbid.  You can't say they quit because I'm not sure I can see Egon just up and leaving.  Peter maybe, but I doubt it.  And you definitely can't say they went off to start their own Ghostbusters team elsewhere because yeah, that wouldn't happen.  Egon and Ray are like, BFFs.  It's not explicitly said, but it's sort of implied that Egon never moved out of the firehouse between the first and second movie even though they weren't Ghostbusters anymore.  And they're the ones that created everything.  I can't see them parting ways unless under bad circumstances, and again that wouldn't really work for a movie plot 'cause you don't want to speak ill of a guy who would have been there if he had the choice.  I'm just going to go on the assumption that GB3 will be stuck in developmental hell forever, and will never get made.  I like that idea.

That's all.

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Sara Smail
United States
I'm a 33 year old geek who adores her husband, her friends, her cats, her lizards and her dolls. I'm addicted to nail polish and my cell phone. I'm a huge fan of Rifftrax, Ghostbusters and Ninja Turtles. I love Disney, particularly Walt Disney World. My tastes are questionable.

And I'm a big dork. Who likes bees.



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